About Us


Trade Syndicate is an authorized Clearing and Forwarding Agency which started its business in 1990 by
acquiring the license from National Board and Revenue at Chittagong port, Zia International Airport and
Benapole Land Station. It started its operation from Stand Road in Chittagong. With the expansion of its
operations and to serve more clients in a better way, Trade Syndicate entered the capital city – Dhaka
in 2000 and then Benapole in 2007.

Under the dynamic and thoughtful leadership of A. H. Md. Alamgir, the company has made long strides
in the world of clearing and forwarding. Trade Syndicate has been operating with utmost sincerity and
honesty since more than 25 years. It has always been loyal to its clients and client satisfaction has been
the focal point of all of Trade Syndicate’s achievements.


The mission of Trade Syndicate is to provide the best in class quality service in the fastest possible way
to its clients seeking its services.


Dedicated to being among the top Clearing & Forwarding Agency in Bangladesh


Consumer Centricity , Reliability & Dedication are the core values of Trade Syndicate. The main purpose
of Trade Syndicate is to facilitate its clients in ensuring smooth import and export operations.